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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Mortgage & Loan Calculator

For Home Owners:

This page provides you information on mortgage loan repayment. This will actually help you to understand on the estimated monthly installment you will be paying for the property. With this, you can actually have a rough guide on what kind of property suits you the best as well as the eligibility to own the property.

For Investors:

Investment is all about numbers, investment involve risk as well as potential upside. Investors should always look at the potential risk first as well as understanding it before you take the next steps. In this case, we provide you with an estimated installment repayment (per month) on the property that you are interested to invest in.

Should the said property is not able to rent out for 1 year (which this case is very rare), investors should ask themselves if the total amount of installment repayment (1 year) is a comfortable amount to them before purchasing.

Purchase Price $1,500,000
Downpayment: 20%
Loan: 80% (1st property)
Loan Tenure: 30years (Best not to exceed 30years due to drop in LTV)
Loan Amount: $1,200,000
Installment (per month):  $4,000/mth
Installment (per year): $48,000/annual
In this case, is $48,000 a comfortable amount to you should the property is not able to rent out.

Please Note: All the figures shown are based on estimation only. Actually amount may vary due to different interest’s rates from different banks.


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