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Thursday 22 March 2018
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Selling of property

Before putting your unit on the market for sale, have you thought of what are the things to look out for when selling your property? What are your reasons for selling? Is it the right time to sell or should you wait? What are you doing with the capital gains after the sale of the property? Putting in the bank or reinvesting the earnings? Should you engage a real estate broker or should you not?

Here at Premium Home Select, we will share our knowledge, assist in sale of property, advice on selling of property and clear your doubts in Real Estate. We are confident that you will receive valuable professional advice on selling your property/why you should not sell/what to do with the capital gains/.


Home Report

What is this?

  • Provides information on Singapore’s property market
  • How much have your unit price appreciated?
  • How much rental yield can you achieve?
  • If you are selling your unit, What’s the Fair Market Value?
  • What is the market trend for your District?

How do I get all this information?

In order for us to provide you with the most accurate home report, please kindly fill in the form below accordingly & please let us have your property address and unit No. Please leave your contact number for us to contact you ASAP. Thank You


Free Market Analysis

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